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Relaxation in greenery Spa & Wellness hotel Harmonie in Marienbad offers you spa, relaxation and wellness stays in pure nature.
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Spa & Wellness Hotel Harmonie, Marienbad

Třebízského 94
353 01 Marienbad
Tel: +420 354 620 990
Fax: +420 354 620 991
Reservation E-mail:

How you can arrive to Spa Hotel Harmonie?

By car from Prague you go on the highway D5 through Pilsen route to Rozvadov. You leave the highway on Exit 128 and go on the road number 200 to Planá. Than you will continue go on the road number 21 route to Chodová Planá, where you turn on the road number 230, which directed to Marienbad. From Carlsbad go on the road E 49 through Bečov nad Teplou, where you turn on the road number 24 to Marienbad.

By train Marienbad situated on main railway line from Prague - Pilsen - Germany. Express run from Prague to Marienbad every two hours. Interest experience is travel by steam locomotive from Carlsbad, during the journey you can see wonderful valley of river Teplá.

By aircraft from airport in Prague or Carlsbad


GPS souřadnice

Loc: 49°59'22.883"N, 12°41'52.561"E

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Spa & Wellness Hotel Harmonie
Třebízského 94 353 01
Mariánské Lázně
Czech republic
Tel: +420 354 620 990
Fax: +420 354 620 991
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