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Relaxation in greenery Spa & Wellness hotel Harmonie in Marienbad offers you spa, relaxation and wellness stays in pure nature.

Treatment & Wellness

Treatment procedures

Price list of treatment procedures.

Read out what procedures are in our Spa & Wellness Hotel provided and their effects.

The Spa and Wellness Hotel Harmony is proud to continue the best traditions of the Czech spa medical treatment.

This is one of the reasons why our hotel has accepted the word “spa” in its name which is referencing to Latin Salut per Aqua that means health thanks to water. Not only mineral water from the springs plays the key part in treatment procedures. Modern Balneo and Wellness Centre in the Spa and Wellness Hotel Harmony uses other natural treatment sources-natural carbon dioxide or peloids.

High quality spa treatment needs also professional stuff. All your complex spa treatment will be supervised by experienced doctors.


Relaxation area

The hotels wellness center including a relaxation area in the style of feng shui, too.

Relaxing baths in the large Whirlpool with stunning views on the botanical gardens and the lake, provides you a memorable spa experience. Part of rest zone is also the sauna with aromatherapy, magic colorotherapy and with esoteric music evokes ethereal atmosphere.


Wellness & Beauty

Price list of wellness procedures

Wide range of wellness and beauty treatments, which will please the Spa & Wellness Hotel Harmony.

Wellness is not only a fashion word or a temporary trend but more over a necessity of our life and an answer to our busy and life style. The Spa Hotel Harmony in Mariánské Lázně offers you services of  modernly equipped  Balneo and Wellness Centre.

An integral part of wellness is not only regeneration of inner powers but body and appearance care as well. Our experienced stuff offers you professional advice.

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Spa & Wellness Hotel Harmonie
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Mariánské Lázně
Czech republic
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