Restaurant Luna Park

Important part of Spa & Wellness Hotelu Harmonie Mariánské Lázně is Restaurant Luna Park, which is famous for high quality of gastronomy and is very favor in Marienbad residents and foreign guests too. Tradition of afternoon dance tea parties is a great attraction for visitors.

In 1860 a convent saw mill was built on the brook Schneibach where now The Spa and Wellness Hotel Harmony is situated. Very soon this place started to be very popular for trips and the first café appeared here. The café was named after the valley , Maxtal. The café was commonly visited even in winter as we can learn from contemporary documents. It used to serve as a meeting point for ski trips to the springing board above the damp.

After war changes

The period after 1945 brought many changes to the Maxtal café- the first of all the name changed to Luna Park. The café Luna Park became one of the most popular dance cafés in Mariánské Lázně. Every day afternoon dance tea parties took place here and they were frequently visited by the spa guests of all ages.

New history

In 1990 the building was closed and it was re-opened by a new owner after eight years. In 1998 whole the building was reconstructed and a new name was given to it: The Spa and Wellness Hotel Harmony. The Restaurant Luna Park carries on the tradition which is more than 100 years long. Nowadays it is again frequently visited during afternoon walks by the spa guests. The restored tradition of afternoon dance tea parties is a great attraction for visitors.

Tradition of gastronomy

The undoubted quality of gastronomy of the Restaurant Luna Park is amplified by pleasant atmosphere and styled serving. The fish dishes which are prepared from fish from our own ponds are the specialities of our chef.