Wellness and SPA pavilion

Wellness Area

with a relaxation zone in a Feng Shui style, a whirlpool and a finnish sauna

  • accessible daily from 11:00 to 19:00
  • one-day entrance fee 260 CZK / person

Relaxing baths in the large pool whirlpool with an amazing view of the botanical gardens and the lake will provide you with an unforgettable wellness experience. The relaxation center also includes a Finnish sauna with color therapy (starry sky) and esoteric music creating an ethereal atmosphere. Before you enter the whirlpool please make sure to take a shower.

Finnish sauna
The Finnish sauna uses dry, hot air at a temperature of 80° C - 90° C with an air humidity of 10 - 20%

The duration of stay in the Finnish sauna is recommended for 5-15 minutes. As soon as you feel hot, leave the sauna and cool down with a shower or a bucket of cold water. After a short rest, you can repeat the whole procedure 2-3 times. Always end your stay in the sauna with a cold shower and dry your skin thoroughly.

Sauna use is not suitable for all acute diseases and injuries, for epilepsy, for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, cancer and bleeding conditions. Do not forget to follow the correct drinking regime.

Main advantages:

  • Flushing toxins from the body
  • Blood supply to organs, limbs and skin
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Prevention of allergies
  • Relief from stress, depression or migraines


This experience is intended for everyone who prefers privacy and undisturbed relaxation.

  • Private use of the entire SPA pavilion is for a fee of 2.000 CZK per hour. This service - private use of the relaxation zone - is only available to hotel guests (booking in advance)
  • We also offer a PRIVATE SAUNA service for a fee of CZK 500 per person for 1 hour (the service is not included in the price of free entrance to the wellness area, it is not located in the Spa pavilion) We will prepare only one of these three saunas for you (only for hotel guests, booking in advance).

Tropical sauna
It is suitable for healthy people to maintain and strengthen their condition, warm up the body, relax muscles, increse blood flow to the skin, clean pores and remove stress. The pleasant feeling of a sauna is enhanced by the delicate citrus aroma.

Temperature: aprox. 70 °C
Humidity: aprox. 30 %
Recommended Stay: 10–15 minutes

Eucalyptus Sauna
It is intended for gently warming up the body in a plesant aroma therapy, which has a healing effect on the upper respiratory tract. The sauna temperature is lower.

Temperature: aprox. 40 °C
Humidity: aprox. 20 %
Recommended stay: 10-15 minutes

Herbal Sauna
The dosed herbal aroma, formed by a mixture of beneficial herbs, induces pleasant feelings of relaxation and tention relese.

Temperature: aprox. 45-55 °C
Humidity: aprox. 20 %
Recommended Stay: 10-15 minutes