Marianské Lázně

History of Marienbad started in second half of 18th century. In this time doctor from monastery of Teplá Jan Josef Nehr urget on his abbot about build of city in valley with many healing springs. Very first spa season was opened in 1808 and ten years later was Marienbad promoted to City.

Golden age for Marienbad was second half of 19th century and first decades of 20th century. For health and social prestige arrived guests from the all world - british king Edward VII., Goethe, Wagner, Chopin, Freud, Edison, Dvořák, Strauss, Destinová, Kafka, Nietzsche or Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Pride of Marienbad it's not only green parks, which you see through the all city, but primaly colonade - elegant iron construction from 1888. Marienbad colonade is one of the few same type structures, which alive through wars and times. Good addition for atmosphere of colonade in Marienbad is about such 100 years younger singing fountain. Every even hour life on colonade stop for one of the Fouintain show.

Colonade in Marienbad is also the place, where spa guests meet each other when walk for drinking cure. In Marienbad you can find 40 different healing springs - you can sample it not only in the city centrum, but also in the parks and nearest area. Not only springs are attraction of marienbad colonade, you can try the true fresh bacon spa wafers.

Mariendbad are beutiful not only by parks and nature, but also by architectura. Most of building in center are Renaissance with yellow facade typically fo Marienbad. Guests can choice from many cultural action, colonade concerts of local West Bohemia symphonic orchester and other music groups. Chopin musical festival in second half of august, event of spa season or everyear advent  markets.